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Thermotherapy is the application of heat to injured tissue in an effort to reduce pain and soft tissue swelling, increase circulation, relax tight muscles, and reduce joint stiffness.

Thermotherapy is beneficial in treating post-acute and chronic injuries, or long term injuries.

Cryotherapy is the application of ice packs to injured tissue in an effort to reduce pain, soft tissue swelling, and muscle spasms.

Cryotherapy can be combined with electric muscle stimulation providing an additional therapeutic effect.

Cryotherapy is beneficial in treating acute injuries, or recently occurring injuries resulting from traumatic incidents.

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Question: What is Thermotherapy?

Answer: Heat therapy, also called thermotherapy, is the use of heat in therapy, such as for pain relief and health.  It can take the form of a hot cloth, hot water, heating pad, hydrocollator packs, heat therapy wraps, and others.

Question: What is Cryotherapy?

Answer: Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold in medical treatment.